Your input and advice on your son or daughter’s career options is invaluable. They will listen.

Parents: This is not your father’s construction industry.

You have been the guiding compass for your children, and seeing them leave the house for the real world can be scary and unsettling.

It doesn’t have to be.

One of the most important things left for you to do as a parent is to offer them advice and input on the many career options they have to choose from.

Help send them on the right career path – one that will help them provide for themselves, their own families and better their communities in the process.

With these goals in mind, have you helped them consider a career in the heavy highway construction industry?

It deserves consideration.

The industry needs new talent as about 1/3 of the existing workforce is about to enjoy the retirement benefits they have earned throughout their construction career. Construction offers good pay and benefits and a career path that gives them lots of choices that work for their specific needs and desires. This industry thrives on teamwork and welcomes new young people entering the industry with open arms. You can rest assured that they will have support from others around them to help them succeed.

A highway construction site today is nothing like the industry today. This industry needs young people who have grown up on technology. We need students who have the aptitude to use GPS technology, operate sophisticated multi-million cranes, and even drone technology is becoming a part of construction.

This website offers real “earn while you learn” opportunities, available now, for your son or daughter. The construction industry is vital to Iowa and the opportunities for young people are limitless.