Educators: Put a career in construction in your students’ consideration set.

You’ve helped bring them this far.

Your hard work, passion, perseverance and dedication to their future has not gone unnoticed. Help your students take the next step toward a rewarding, good-paying career that will help them create a stable and fulfilling life for themselves, their families and their communities.

Many students will never consider a career in the heavy highway construction industry. This is where you can help.

A lot of students will continue their education with formal schooling in college on their way to a great career of their choosing. Others may begin additional education and become burned out and impatient with it and seek a job to earn a living before completing a college education. Still others do not want to continue their education formally and seek a job right out of high school.

A career in construction offers a great career and unlimited potential for students. Earn while you learn opportunities with continuing education delivered through a mentor or through an apprenticeship program are both possibilities for your students. We urge you to put these possibilities in front of your students as additional options for their consideration.

Please help us expose your students to the opportunities a career in construction can offer.